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 OpenOffice in Native Languages

The Native Language websites offer information, resources, and much more in a user's native language. Apache OpenOffice continues to welcome participation in a variety of ways, as with native language mailing lists and forums. Please visit the Native Language Information area of the Apache OpenOffice project to find out more about native language support specifically, and please see Getting Involved for additional information on getting involved in Apache OpenOffice.

(Legacy information for the Native Language Confederation, not accurate for Apache OpenOffice.)

Note: The following list only includes languages that have their own website. For example, many of the African localizations are not listed. Please see:

In the following table:


Language Level
Afar (aa) Level 1*
Albanian (sq) Level 1*
Afrikaans (af) Level 1
Amharic (am) Level 2
Arabic (ar) Level 2*
Armenian (hy) Level 1
Asturian (ast) Level 1
Azeri (az) Level 2
Balochi (bal) Level 2
Basque (eu) Level 2
Bengali (bn) Level 1
Bosnian (bs) Level 2
Breton (bre) Level 1
Bulgarian (bg) Level 1
Burmese (my) Level 1
Catalan (ca) Level 2
ChiNyanja (NY) Level 2
正體中文 Chinese (tw) Level 2
简体中文 Chinese (cn) Level 2
Czech (cs) Level 2
Croatian (hr) Level 1
Danish (da) Level 2
Dutch (nl) Level 2
Dzongkha (dz) Level 2
Esperanto (eo) Level 1
Estonian (et) Level 2
Finnish (fi) Level 2
French (fr) Level 2
Friulian (fur) Level 2
Galician (gl) Level 1
Gaelic - Irish (ga) Level 1
Gaelic - Scottish (gd) Level 1
Georgian (ka) Level 1
German (de) Level 2
Greek (el) Level 2
Gujarati (gu) Level 1
Haitian Creole (ht) Level 1
Hebrew (he) Level 2
Hindi (hi) Level 2
Hungarian (hu) Level 2
Icelandic (is) Level 2
Indonesian (id) Level 1
Irish Gaelic (ga) Level 1
Italiano (it) Level 2
Japanese (ja) Level 2
Khmer (km) Level 2
Korean (ko) Level 2
Kurdish (ku) Level 1
Lao (lo) Level 2
Latvian (lv) Level 1
Lithuanian (lt) Level 2
Macedonian (mk) Level 1
Malayalam (ml) Level 1
Marathi (mr) Level 1
Malagasy (mg) Level 2
Malaysian (ms) Level 1
Miskito (miq) Level 1
Mongolian (mn) Level 1
Nepali (ne) Level 1
Norwegian (no) Level 1
Oromoo (om) Level 2
Papmiento (pap) Level 2
Pashto (ps) Level 1
Persian (fa) Level 1
Polish (pl) Level 2
Portuguese (pt) Level 2
Portuguese of Brasil (br) Level 2
Punjabi (pa) Level 1
Romanian (ro) Level 2
Russian (ru) Level 2
Sängö (sg) Level 1
Serbian Cyrillic (sr) Level 2
Serbian Latin (sr-Latn) Level 2
Shuswap (shs) Level 1
Sidama (dm) Level 1
Sinhala (si) Level 2
Slovenian (sl) Level 2
Slovakian (sk) Level 2
Somali (so) Level 1
Spanish (es) Level 2
Swedish (sv) Level 2
Tajik (tg) Level 1
Tamil (ta) Level 2
Tatar (tt-crh) Level 1
Telugu (te) Level 1
Tetum (tet) (missing) Level 1
Thai (th) Level 2
Tibetan (bo) Level 1
Tigrinya Level 1
Turkish (tr) Level 2
Ukrainian (uk) Level 1
Urdu (urd) Level 2
Uzbek (uz) Level 1
Vietnamese (vi) Level 2
Welsh (cy) Level 2


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