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OpenOffice in Native Languages

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The Native Language websites offer information, resources, and much more in a user’s native language.

We rely exclusively on volunteers to provide native language releases of Apache OpenOffice. We can always use more help even for languages where we already have maintainers. Please visit the Native Language Information area of the Apache OpenOffice project to find out more about native language support specifically, and please see Getting Involved for additional information on getting involved in Apache OpenOffice.

Please see:

In the following table, the status definitions for the Website column are:

Status Explanation
- No website available, but binaries can be downloaded
maintained This website is localized and current, and the download links are localized and working.
help wanted This website needs help and may be incomplete, outdated or unmaintained. If you can help, please e-mail the localization mailing list saying that you can volunteer for updating a specific website translation.

Language Website OpenOffice availability
Afrikaans (af) help wanted outdated
Amharic (am) help wanted outdated
Arabic (ar) help wanted outdated
Armenian (hy) maintained planned for 4.2.x
Asturian (ast) help wanted current 4.1.x
Basque (eu) help wanted current 4.1.x
Bulgarian (bg) help wanted current 4.1.x
Catalan (ca) help wanted current 4.1.x
Chinese simplified (zh-CN) maintained current 4.1.x
Chinese traditional (zh-TW) maintained current 4.1.x
Czech (cs) maintained current 4.1.x
Danish (da) maintained current 4.1.x
Dutch (nl) maintained current 4.1.x
English - British (en-GB) - current 4.1.x
English - US (en-US) maintained current 4.1.x
Esperanto (eo) help wanted outdated
Estonian (et) help wanted planned for 4.2.x
Finnish (fi) maintained current 4.1.x
French (fr) maintained current 4.1.x
Galician (gl) help wanted current 4.1.x
Gaelic - Scottish (gd) help wanted current 4.1.x
German (de) maintained current 4.1.x
Greek (el) maintained current 4.1.x
Hebrew (he) maintained current 4.1.x
Hindi (hi) help wanted current 4.1.x
Hungarian (hu) help wanted current 4.1.x
Icelandic (is) help wanted outdated
Indonesian (id) help wanted outdated
Italian (it) maintained current 4.1.x
Japanese (ja) maintained current 4.1.x
Kabyle (kab) help wanted planned for 4.2.x
Khmer (km) help wanted current 4.1.x
Korean (ko) help wanted current 4.1.x
Lithuanian (lt) maintained current 4.1.x
Norwegian (no) maintained current 4.1.x
Oromo (om) help wanted planned for 4.2.x
Polish (pl) maintained current 4.1.x
Portuguese - European (pt) maintained current 4.1.x
Portuguese - Brazilian (pt-BR) help wanted current 4.1.x
Romanian (ro) help wanted outdated
Russian (ru) maintained current 4.1.x
Serbian - Cyrillic (sr) help wanted current 4.1.x
Serbian - Latin (sr-Latn) help wanted outdated
Slovenian (sl) help wanted current 4.1.x
Slovakian (sk) maintained current 4.1.x
Spanish (es) maintained current 4.1.x
Swedish (sv) maintained current 4.1.x
Tamil (ta) help wanted current 4.1.x
Thai (th) help wanted current 4.1.x
Turkish (tr) maintained current 4.1.x
Ukrainian (uk) maintained planned for 4.2.x
Valencian AVL (ca-XV) - current 4.1.x
Valencian RACV (ca-XR) - current 4.1.x
Vietnamese (vi) help wanted current 4.1.x

(Legacy information for the Native Language Confederation, not accurate for Apache OpenOffice.)

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