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module util
Miscellaneous interfaces for sorting, connecting objects etc.

Nested Modules
BootstrapMacroExpander Macro expander expanding using rtl bootstrap notation. For details, have a look at The service can be instantiated via arguments giving an ini/rc file url. Otherwise it will read from an uno.ini/unorc file next to the cppuhelper library.
EventMultiplexer Multiplex generic events.
JobManager Manage cancellable jobs
MacroExpander This meta service supports the XMacroExpander interface for expanding arbitrary macro expressions, i.e. substitude macro names. The purpose of this service is to separate the use of macrofied strings, e.g. urls from the use of services.
NumberFormatProperties contains properties specifying the behavior of a NumberFormatter.
NumberFormatSettings specifies the settings for number formatting.
NumberFormats specifies a container of number formats.
NumberFormatsSupplier provides an supplier of number formats
NumberFormatter represents an object which can format numbers and strings.
OfficeInstallationDirectories encapsulates access to the current office installation directory and office user data directory, provides functionality to create URLs containing relocatable (not absolute) references to the current office installation directory and user data directory and vice versa.
PathSettings Supports read/write access and listener for the paths properties that the Office uses.
PathSubstitution A service to support the substitution and resubstitution of path variables.
ReplaceDescriptor describes what and how to replace strings.
SearchDescriptor describes what and how to search within a container.
SortDescriptor [ DEPRECATED ]
specifies the properties which can be used to describe a sort order applied to an XSortable.
SortDescriptor2 gives access to the properties of a sort descriptor. The properties are given in a sequence of PropertyValue.
Sortable [ DEPRECATED ]
provides an interface for sorting.
TextSearch search a string with a defined algorithm in another string.
URLTransformer helps to split up a string containing a URL into its structural parts and assembles the parts into a single string.
UriAbbreviation Abbreviate arbitrary URIs.
theMacroExpander A service that has to deal with macrofied strings will preprocess those strings using the macro expander singleton. The macro expander singleton is deployed with the application. This feature is currently used macrofying loader urls with macros defined in uno.ini/unorc bootstrap files. The component loader uses the macro expander singleton to expand those macros. This is a flexible way preprocessing loader urls.
theOfficeInstallationDirectories A singleton that provides access to the current office installation directories.
XArchiver [ DEPRECATED ]
XAtomServer an interface to map between strings and ids
XBroadcaster allows to control notification behaviour of a broadcaster.
XCancelManager [ DEPRECATED ]
manages a list of cancellable objects.
XCancellable offers the possibility of cancelling a job.
XChainable enables the object to be a member of a chain.
XChangesBatch this interface enables applying a set of changes in one batch transaction.
XChangesListener receives events from batch change broadcaster objects.
XChangesNotifier broadcasts events about multiple changes that occur in bulk.
XChangesSet this interface enables inspecting a set of changes forming one batch transaction.
XCloneable makes it possible to create a copy of the object which supports this interface.
XCloseBroadcaster broadcasts each tried closing of an object to all interest listener
XCloseListener makes it possible to receive events when an object is called for closing
XCloseable makes it possible to release any objects in a ordered manner by using a two-step mechanism
XDataEditor connects to a model and broadcasts status change events.
XDataEditorListener makes it possible to receive status change events from an XDataEditor.
XEventListener Generic event listener.
XFlushListener makes it possible to receive flushed events.
XFlushable is supported by objects with data that can be flushed to a data source.
XImportable makes it possible to import files into the object.
XIndent allows indentation of the object to be changed.
XJobManager Manage cancellable jobs.
XLinkUpdate allows initiating an update of linked parts of a document.
XLocalizedAliases is the interface for binding programmatic names to aliases. Aliases can be provided in several locales for the same programmatic name.
XLockable allows locking a component
XMacroExpander Expands macro in expressions, i.e. substitudes macro names.
XMergeable represents a range of cells that can be merged.
XModeChangeApproveListener allows to veto changes in an object's internal mode.
XModeChangeBroadcaster broadcasts changes in an object's internal mode.
XModeChangeListener allows to listen for changes in an object's internal mode.
XModeSelector is supported by objects which supply different modes.
XModifiable makes the modify state of the object accessible.
XModifiable2 allows to control modifiable state change.
XModifyBroadcaster broadcasts each modification made on the date data of the object which supports this interface.
XModifyListener makes it possible to receive events when a model object changes.
XNumberFormatPreviewer represents a number formatter which can preview number formats without inserting them.
XNumberFormatTypes represents functions to get specific, predefined number formats.
XNumberFormats provides access to multiple NumberFormats.
XNumberFormatsSupplier supplies the collection of NumberFormats (for example, in a document) and the settings belonging to these formats.
XNumberFormatter represents a number formatter.
XOfficeInstallationDirectories encapsulates access to the current office installation directory and office user data directory, provides functionality to create URLs containing relocatable (not absolute) references to the current office installation directory and user data directory and vice versa.
XPropertyReplace makes it possible to search and replace properties.
XProtectable makes it possible to protect objects from modifications.
XRefreshListener makes it possible to receive refreshed events.
XRefreshable is supported by objects with data that can be refreshed from a data source.
XReplaceDescriptor specifies a string replace operation.
XReplaceable makes it possible to replace strings in a text described by a SearchDescriptor.
XSearchDescriptor specifies a string search operation.
XSearchable enables the object to look for specified contents of the object (in particular, for a text range which contains a specific string pattern).
XSimpleErrorHandler [ DEPRECATED ]
XSortable makes it possible to sort the contents of this object.
XStringAbbreviation Abbreviate arbitrary strings.
XStringEscape This interface is used to encode an arbitrary String into a escaped form.
XStringMapping provides a mapping from string to string
XStringSubstitution A common interface for substituting string variables with other strings.
XStringWidth An interface that encapsulates the abstract notion of string width.
XTextSearch enables an object to search in its content.
XTimeStamped provides timestamp information for an object in the form of an arbitrary string.
XURLTransformer supports parsing and assembling of URLs
XUniqueIDFactory creates IDs which are unique within the container.
XUpdatable is supported by objects with data that can be updated from a data source.
XVeto provides information about a veto which has been raised against an operation
AliasProgrammaticPair represents an entry from a component which implements the XLocalizedAliases.
AtomClassRequest is used to describe which atoms the user wants to know about.
AtomDescription contains a string and the corresponding registered atom .
CellProtection describes the kind of protection for a protectable cell.
ChangesEvent This event is fired when a set of changes becomes effective on the source of the event.
DataEditorEvent specifies an event broadcasted by an XDataEditor.
Date represents a date value.
DateTime represents a combined date+time value.
DateTimeRange represents a range of date+time values.
Duration represents a duration.
ElementChange This structure describes a single change that is part of a batch of changes.
ModeChangeEvent allows to veto changes in an object's internal mode.
RevisionTag represents the information that describes a revision of something, f.e. a document
SortField [ DEPRECATED ]
describes a single field in a sort descriptor.
Time represents a time value.
URL represents the structure of an Uniform Resource Locator.
CloseVetoException this exception can be thrown to prevent the environment of any object from closing
DiskFullException [ DEPRECATED ]
FileIOException [ DEPRECATED ]
InvalidStateException is thrown when an object's state does not allow to call requested functionality.
MalformedNumberFormatException is thrown when a NumberFormat string is syntactically incorrect.
NotLockedException is raised when attempt is made to unlock a lockable component which actually is not locked.
NotNumericException indicates that a non-numeric string is to be converted to a number.
VetoException thrown to indicate a general veto.
DataEditorEventType specifies the type of an event from an XDataEditor.
SortFieldType [ DEPRECATED ]
enumeration used to specify the type of contents in a sort field.
TriState This enumeration represents a tristate value.
ChangesSet describes a set of changes occurring as a batch transaction.
Color describes an RGB color value with an optional alpha channel.
Language This type is used for a language identifier number.
Constant Groups
Endianness These constans describe the endiannes of data structures.
MeasureUnit These constants are used to specify a measure.
NumberFormat contains constants that are used to specify the type of a number format.
SearchFlags Flags for search methods
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