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module star

Nested Modules
accessibility UNO Accessibility API
auth security and authenticates interfaces
awt Java AWT-like user interface toolkit interface specifications for UNO.
beans Java beans-like property access and introspection.
bridge Interfaces for building bridges to other component models.
chart Charting diagram interfaces.
chart2 New implementation of Charting diagram interfaces. This module contains only a rather small public API. In addition there is a private API in the chart2 project.
configuration Access to the tree of configuration data.
connection Data exchange interfaces for inter-process communication.
container Interfaces for collections and containers.
corba Modules for IOP, IIOP and GIOP.
datatransfer Clipboard and Drag&Drop interfaces.
document Office document related interfaces.
drawing Drawing and shape specific interfaces.
form Interfaces for managing forms and controls.
formula Interfaces for mathematical formulas.
frame Desktop environment framework interfaces.
geometry Interfaces and data types to deal with basic geometric entities
graphic Interfaces for graphic handling
i18n Interface for internationalization (deprecated draft).
image image manupulation interfaces.
installation Interfaces to control installations.
io General input/output interfaces.
java Java to UNO connectivity interfaces.
lang General UNO concepts like factories etc.
ldap lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP)
linguistic2 Spell checker, hyphenation and thesaurus interfaces.
loader Component implementation loader interfaces.
mail Interfaces for Email connectivity
media Media type interfaces
mozilla Interfaces for Mozilla integration.
office Office document content related interfaces.
packages Package file format interfaces.
pgp Pretty Good Privacy (deprecated).
plugin Netscape-like plugin interfaces.
presentation Presentation specific interfaces.
rdf RDF (Resource Description Framework) and metadata interfaces.
reflection Runtime object inspection / core reflection interfaces.
registry Interfaces to access registration databases.
rendering Interfaces and data structures for rendering
report interfaces for report interfaces
resource Interfaces to access (UI) resource files.
scanner Interfaces for scanner control.
script Scripting language bindings.
sdb Basic interfaces for database access.
sdbc Database component interfaces.
sdbcx High-level database component interfaces.
security Interface for authorisation and authentification.
setup Interfaces to control the setup process.
sheet Spreadsheet specific interfaces.
style Formatting and layout style and stylesheet interfaces.
svg Interfaces for import/export of Scaleable Vector Format.
sync Data synchronization interfaces (deprecated).
sync2 Data synchronization interfaces (deprecated).
system Host operating system integration interfaces.
table Table specific interfaces (for text and spreadsheet).
task Task management interfaces.
test Test interfaces for core-reflection, introspection and marshalling.
text Text specific interfaces.
ucb Universal Content Broker interfaces.
ui Dialogs and other UI elements.
uno Basic UNO interfaces.
uri URI processing.
util Miscellaneous interfaces for sorting, connecting objects etc.
view Document view specfic interfaces (e.g. selection access and printing).
xforms interfaces for XForms (XML-based forms) implementation
xml XML related interfaces.
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