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Apache OpenOffice 4.1.5 released

The Apache OpenOffice Software Development Kit (SDK)

The Apache OpenOffice SDK (AOO SDK) is an add-on for the AOO office suite. It provides the necessary tools and documentation for programming the AOO APIs and creating own extensions (UNO components) for Apache OpenOffice.

The online available Developer's Guide (Wiki) is a comprehensive guide that provides a detailed description of the AOO API concepts, the AOO UNO component model and how to use the API in the context of the different application areas. Most of the examples are coming as ready to build examples with the SDK and provide a good start point tom play around with the API.

SDK related questions and comments should be sent to the AOO Dev mailing list. Bugs and requests for enhancement should be reported as BugZilla issues. Developers who are new to Apache OpenOffice will also find the Apache OpenOffice development page useful.


Apache OpenOffice API plugin for NetBeans

A further useful extension to the SDK is the AOO API plugin for the NetBeans IDE. The plugin helps a lot to get started and take the first steps. Several wizards can be used to create completely ready to build and ready to use projects for new AOO extensions or simple client applications. You can install the plugin directly from within NetBeans via the plugin manager. The plugin depends on an installed Apache OpenOffice and a related SDK version.


All available SDK builds can be found on the download webpage.

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