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module linguistic2
Spell checker, hyphenation and thesaurus interfaces.

ConversionDictionary represents a dictionary used in a conversion dictionary list.
ConversionDictionaryList represents a list of available conversion dictionaries.
Dictionary represents a dictionary used for spell checking and hyphenation.
DictionaryList is the list of personal dictionaries.
HangulHanjaConversionDictionary represents a dictionary for Hangul/Hanja text conversion.
Hyphenator offers hyphenation functionality.
LinguProperties the set of linguistic relevant properties.
LinguServiceManager offers linguistic functionality. Is to be used to access spell checker, hyphenator and thesaurus.
Proofreader provides a proofreader (often known as grammar checker) for text
ProofreadingIterator provides a proofreading iterator
SpellChecker offers spellchecking functionality.
Thesaurus offers thesaurus functionality.
XAvailableLocales retrieves the list of available languages.
XConversionDictionary Allows the user to access a conversion dictionary.
XConversionDictionaryList is used to manage and maintain a list of conversion dictionaries.
XConversionPropertyType allows set and retrieve the property type of an entry in a conversion dictionary
XDictionary This interfaces enables the object to access personal dictionaries.
XDictionary1 [ DEPRECATED ]
XDictionaryEntry This interfaces gives access to a dictionary entry.
XDictionaryEventListener This interfaces allows the object to act according to dictionary events.
XDictionaryList is used to manage and maintain a list of dictionaries.
XDictionaryListEventListener This interfaces allows the object to act according to dictionary-list events.
XHyphenatedWord gives information obtained by a successful hyphenation attempt.
XHyphenator provides functionality for hyphenation of single words.
XLanguageGuessing This interface allows to guess the language of a text
XLinguServiceEventBroadcaster is used to register a listener for LinguServiceEvents.
XLinguServiceEventListener is used to inform listeners about LinguServiceEvents.
XLinguServiceManager the basic interface to be used to access linguistic functionality.
XMeaning one of the possible meanings for a word.
XPossibleHyphens Gives information about a word's possible hyphenation points.
XProofreader API for proofreading a text
XProofreadingIterator API for the proofreading iterator that mediates between the document and the proofreader.
XSearchableDictionary This interfaces allows to retrieve suggestions for spell checking from a dictionary.
XSearchableDictionaryList allows searching for an entry in all dictionaries of the dictionary-list.
XSetSpellAlternatives allows to modify the suggestion list returned by a spell checker.
XSpellAlternatives Gives access to the results of failed spellchecking attempts and may provide spelling alternatives.
XSpellChecker This interface allows for spellchecking.
XSpellChecker1 [ DEPRECATED ]
XSupportedLanguages [ DEPRECATED ]
XSupportedLocales Offers information about which languages are supported by the object.
XThesaurus allows for the retrieval of possible meanings for a given word and language.
DictionaryEvent represents a dictionary event.
DictionaryListEvent structure representing a dictionary-list event.
LinguServiceEvent represents a linguistic service event.
ProofreadingResult holds the results from proofreading a sentence.
SingleProofreadingError holds a single error found by the proofreader.
ConversionDirection Conversion direction to be used with XConversionDictionary when looking for conversions.
DictionaryType describes the type of a personal dictionary.
Constant Groups
ConversionDictionaryType specifies the conversion dictionary type to be used with XConversionDictionary.
ConversionPropertyType specifies the property type of an entry in a conversion dictionary.
DictionaryEventFlags flags used for the event type in dictionary events.
DictionaryListEventFlags constants representing a single dictionary-list event.
LinguServiceEventFlags to be used in lingu-service events.
SpellFailure these define the various return types for spellchecking to fail verification.
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