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module java
Java to UNO connectivity interfaces.

JavaVirtualMachine [ DEPRECATED ]
exports interfaces to handle a JavaVM and Java threads.
XJavaThreadRegister_11 [ DEPRECATED ]
must be implemented by the user of the XJavaThreadRegister_11.
must be implemented by the user of the XJavaVM.
InvalidJavaSettingsException indicates a the Java settings have been modified.
JavaDisabledException indicates that Java could not be initialized because it has been switched off.
JavaInitializationException indicates that there is no Java available
JavaNotConfiguredException indicates that the user did not configure Java for an Office installation.
JavaNotFoundException indicates that no suitable JRE was found.
JavaVMCreationFailureException indicates that the Java Virtual Machine could not be created
MissingJavaRuntimeException indicates that the Java runtime library could not be found.
RestartRequiredException indicates that the office must be restarted before a JRE can be used.
WrongJavaVersionException indicates that an operation involving Java (probably executing Java code) failed due to a wrong Java version.
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