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module security
Interface for authorisation and authentification.

AccessController This meta service supports the XAccessController interface for checking security permissions. @attention The specific service implementation of this meta service has to take care of bootstrapping problems, i.e. recurring calls during initialization have to be resolved. This happens when the implementation calls other service implementations. Also, it obviously has also to be ensured that the object is process-local to assure that permission checks are not corrupted via insecure inter-process communication.
CertificateContainer the service to be used for XCertificateContainer.
Decryptor * Service of DocumentDigitalSignatures
Policy Service for getting sets of permissions reading from some persistent storage.
SerialNumberAdapter provides conversion services for Serial Numbers.
XAccessControlContext An XAccessControlContext is used to make system resource access decisions based on the context it encapsulates.
XAccessController Interface for checking permissions and invoking privileged or restricted actions.
XAction Interface for running an action.
XCertificate * Interface of a PKI Certificate * *
XCertificateContainer Manage user certificate for temporary connections.
XCertificateExtension * Interface of a PKI Certificate * *
XDocumentDigitalSignatures interface for signing and verifying digital signatures in office documents
XPolicy Interface for getting sets of permissions of a specified user or the default permissions if no user is given.
XSanExtension * Interface of a X509 Subject Alternative Name Certificate Extension * *
XSerialNumberAdapter * Interface of Certificate Serial Number Converter * *
AllPermission The AllPermission is a permission that implies all other permissions. @attention Granting AllPermission should be done with extreme care, as it implies all other permissions. Thus, it grants code the ability to run with security disabled. Extreme caution should be taken before granting such a permission to code. This permission should be used only during testing, or in extremely rare cases where an application is completely trusted and adding the necessary permissions to the policy is prohibitively cumbersome.
CertAltNameEntry * struct contains a single entry within a Subject Alternative Name Extension of a * X509 certificate.
DocumentSignatureInformation Status of digital signatures in a document.
RuntimePermission This permission grants runtime access to some named functionality. A RuntimePermission contains a name (also referred to as a "target name") but no actions list; you either have the named permission or you don't.
AccessControlException Exception notifying a lacking permission to access data or execute code thus it is thrown if permission ought to be denied.
CertificateContainerStatus * Constant definiton of a certificate container status. *
ExtAltNameType * Constant definiton of a certificate container status.
Constant Groups
CertificateCharacters * Constant definiton of a certificate characters. * * The certificate characters will be defined as bit-wise constants.
CertificateValidity * Constant definiton of a certificate characters. * * The certificate characters will be defined as bit-wise constants.
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