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Dundalk, Ireland

Proposal for OOoCon 2008

Key Question

In 400 words or less, answer this question: Why is your location and the date you propose the best for OOoCon 2008?

Ireland is the second largest exporter of software in the world and as such is the ideal place to host OOoCon 2008. Not only will you be assured of Ireland's famous 'Cead Mile Failte' (translates literally as 'One hundred thousand welcomes') you will also have excellent conference facilities and huge local support from both the local open source community, patrons and the Irish Government.

Louth is ideally placed to showcase the economic potential of peace and political stability on the island of Ireland as it is situated on the border with Northern Ireland. Both Northern Ireland (UK) and the Republic of Ireland are represented by this bid and if selected the conference will further help to replace past hostilities with a strong sense of community.

This bid has support from many of the Open Source Community groups on the island of Ireland (Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland) as well as the Irish Government, DKIT (University) and commercial industry in Ireland (see below).

Mandatory Information

Location (country, city, conference center/university)

Maps: Ireland (North & South); Louth, Ireland; Dundalk Institute of Technology.

Louth is located 25 mins from Dublin Airport and situated half way between Dublin-Belfast. It is serviced by some of the best Motorway, Bus, Rail and Air Transport on the Island including:

Part of Ireland’s magnetic attraction as a business tourism destination is thanks to its excellent facilities. Dundalk Institute of Technology offers excellent facilities for the conference including:

The university has close ties with others in the region including University of Ulster in Northern Ireland who we hope will also participate in the Conference.

Proposed Date(s)

We can accommodate a number of dates from August - November but have suggested 2 possible dates here:

Team Lead (main contact person)

Team Lead: Graham O'Rourke

Team Members

Local events that are taking place in parallel (or right before/after)

No information supplied

Special visa or entry requirements, e.g. vaccinations

EU citizens do NOT normally require a visa to enter Ireland.

Also many Western Countries do not require a visa to enter Ireland these include: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa and others. A full explanation of this given on the Department of Foreign Affairs Website.

Optional Information

Large local deployments (for user keynotes and success stories)

One of the Government Institutions have rolled out OpenOffice to over 600 users and may be prepared to give a Public Sector view at the conference.

Names of local developers (for developer sessions)

No information supplied

Names of local vendors/partners (potential sponsors)

Ireland is the 2nd largest exporter of software in the world and many of the world's large software corporations having a European Headquarters or significant presence in Ireland including Google, Sun Microsystems, IBM, Microsoft, Iona, PayPal, SugarCRM and others.

OOoCon 2008 Ireland would have an opportunity to call on speakers from both Government, Education and Industry sources to raise the profile of OpenOffice and promote it's use on the island of Ireland.

Names of local vendors and potential sponsors:

Travel costs

Both Dublin and Belfast Airports are well serviced by many low cost airlines including Ryanair, Aer Lingus, BMI, German Wings, Jet2 and EasyJet among others. Note: Prices quoted below are examples only. All prices were correct as of January 2008, exclude airport charges and are for Dublin Airport.

Accomodation costs (youth hostel, hotel)

pps = per person sharing

Services and Accommodation: We have also secured discounts with many of the Louth Hospitality providers including hostel, Bed and Breakast and 4 star hotel accommodation.

Supplementary Information

The Call for Location states: user feedback from previous conferences suggest that the ideal location will:

  • have a strong local community
  • attract strong sponsor support
  • have a low-cost/free conference centre with conference venues close together
  • have facilities where people can pass the time, socialise, and mingle with other conference delegates close to the conference building(s)
  • have a range of low-cost accomodation with easy/cheap transport to the conference location
  • attract the largest number of community contributers
  • facilitate the attendance of a large number of Sun's developers (who are in Hamburg, Germany)
  • be accessible by cheap flight and train tickets
  • be aligned with a large IT event (e.g. CeBIT, Systems, Comdex)
  • provide low-cost broadband Internet access (e.g. wireless LAN in the rooms)
  • allow for video and audio streaming (e.g. via the support of a company)

Government support

The Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Dermot Ahern T.D., has agreed to support the bid for OOoCon 2008 in Louth, Ireland and I have attached a letter of his willingness to proactively support the conference.

The Minister said, I am delighted to support this important event in the global open source calendar. Recent events in global markets underline the need for all types of businesses and organisations to ensure their competitiveness and the open standards and technical innovation promoted by events such as OOoCon are a key strategy in this area. I would be delighted and honoured to open this event should Ireland's bid be successful. As one of the largest software exporters in the world, it is appropriate that we share both our expertise and our famous Irish hospitality with the open source software community from around the world at this conference.

The location of the conference (Louth is on the border with Northern Ireland) is also of huge importance and support for the conference has been organised on a cross-border basis.

The Minister added, As a border county, Louth is ideally placed to showcase the economic potential of peace and political stability on our island.


At the end of a long working day, clocking off comes as a welcome relief and nobody on the planet knows how to work hard and play hard like the Irish!

We have a number of once in a life time entertainment options available to OOoCon attendees:

For a small country, Ireland has an incredible variety of scenery. As an island on the edge of Europe we have a fascinating history that stretches back over 8,000 years. Louth (just 25 minutes from Dublin Airport) is Ireland's smallest county with some of the most amazing history and heritage including

Broadband Internet access

Free WiFi / Broadband access will be available in all Campus meeting facilities, Hostels and Hotels.


A letter of support from the Irish Government Minister for Foreign Affairs for the conference

A copy of the proposal in ODF


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