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UDK 3.2.7 Java API Reference
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Factory - Class in com.sun.star.lib.uno.helper
Factory helper class supporting com.sun.star.lang.XServiceInfo and com.sun.star.lang.XSingleComponentFactory.
finalize() - Method in class com.sun.star.lib.uno.helper.ComponentBase
finalize() - Method in class com.sun.star.lib.uno.helper.WeakBase
Override of Object.finalize.
fire(Property[], Object[], Object[], boolean) - Method in class com.sun.star.lib.uno.helper.PropertySet
This method fires events to XPropertyChangeListener,XVetoableChangeListener and XPropertiesChangeListener event sinks.
firePropertiesChangeEvent(String[], XPropertiesChangeListener) - Method in class com.sun.star.lib.uno.helper.PropertySet
FLOAT - Static variable in class com.sun.star.uno.Type

UDK 3.2.7 Java API Reference
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