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UDK 3.2.7 Java API Reference
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Union - Class in
The Union class is the base class for all classes generated as java binding for the IDL type union.
Union() - Constructor for class
UnoClassLoader - Class in
The root UNO class loader.
UnoClassLoader(URL, URL[], ClassLoader) - Constructor for class
Instantiates the root UNO class loader.
UnoInfo - Class in
UnoInfo offers functionality to obtain the UNO jar files.
UnoLoader - Class in
A helper class for executing UNO JARs.
UnoRuntime - Class in
The central class needed for implementing or using UNO components in Java.
UnoRuntime() - Constructor for class
Deprecated. As of UDK 3.2.0, do not create instances of this class. It is considered a historic mistake to have a public constructor for this class, which only has static members. Also, this class might be changed to become final in a future version.
UnoUrl - Class in
Object representation and parsing of Uno Urls, which allow to locate a named Uno object in a different process.
UNSIGNED_HYPER - Static variable in class
UNSIGNED_LONG - Static variable in class
UNSIGNED_SHORT - Static variable in class
UrlToFileMapper - Class in
Maps Java URL representations to File representations, on any Java version.

UDK 3.2.7 Java API Reference
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