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:: com :: sun :: star :: xml :: crypto ::

module sax

Decryptor * Service of Decryptor
Encryptor * Service of Encryptor
SAXEventKeeper * Service of SAXEventKeeper
SignatureVerifier * Service of SignatureVerifier
XBlockerMonitor * Interface of Blocker Monitor. *
XDecryptionResultBroadcaster * Interface of Decryption Result Broadcaster. *
XDecryptionResultListener * Interface of Decryption Result Listener. *
XElementStackKeeper * Manipulate the "key SAX events" in a SAX event stream. * *
XEncryptionResultBroadcaster * Interface of Encryption Result Broadcaster. *
XEncryptionResultListener * Interface of Encryption Result Listener. *
XKeyCollector * Interface of Key Collector. *
XMissionTaker * Interface of Mission Taker. *
XReferenceCollector * Interface of Signature Collector. *
XReferenceResolvedBroadcaster * Interface of Reference Resolved Broadcaster. *
XReferenceResolvedListener * Interface of Reference Resolved Listener. *
XSAXEventKeeper * Interface of SAX Event Keeper. *
XSAXEventKeeperStatusChangeBroadcaster * Interface of SAXEventKeeper Status Change Broadcaster. *
XSAXEventKeeperStatusChangeListener * Interface of SAXEventKeeper Status Change Listener. *
XSecurityController * Interface of XML Security Controller *
XSecuritySAXEventKeeper * Interface of Security SAX Event Keeper. *
XSignatureCreationResultBroadcaster * Interface of Signature Creation Result Broadcaster. *
XSignatureCreationResultListener * Interface of Signature Creation Result Listener. *
XSignatureVerifyResultBroadcaster * Interface of Signature Verify Result Broadcaster. *
XSignatureVerifyResultListener * Interface of Signature Verify Result Listener. *
ElementStackItem * A struct to keep a startElement/endElement SAX event.
ElementMarkPriority * Defines priority for the element mark's notification. *
ElementMarkType * Defines types of element mark. *
Constant Groups
ConstOfSecurityId * Represents the undefined security id
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