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Mission Statement

To provide an easy way for volunteers to find, update and better define issues, and to define test processes to validate a build of the Office Suite.

Quality Assurance
Area Description
How can you help? Describes ways in which anybody can help make better, even non-developers.
Smoke Tests Defines "Smoke Tests" to validate a build of These are not full fledge test cases, but we may use them to create Test Cases in the future. Your ideas are welcome.
Issue Quick Links Provides links into IssueTracker that make it easier to find lists of Issues for specific OS and configurations.
Issue Handling Provides information about issue handling.(workflow / rules / guidelines)
QA Priorities Current OOo QA Priorities for volunteers.
Task Statistic IssueTracker task statistic (projects, weekly), Top Issues by Votes
qadevOOo Automated product source code QA
qatesttool Automated GUI Testing
Localized QA for Localized Builds

Project Summary

This project is made up of various areas. If you have something you would like to see added to any of these areas, send an email to Nakata, Maho, Joost Andrae or Caio Tiago Oliveira.


First, subscribe to our QA discussion list by sending an email to:

Next, please scan the archive of our discuss list to catch up on what's been discussed so far.

Then, you might consider introducing yourself, letting us know how you found out about the project, what your interest is, and anything else you care to share.

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