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QA Process for Localized Builds

This process is in progress, and as better processes become apparent, we will follow them and change this guideline. The testing of the builds deeply involves the QA and Native-Lang projects. Notices pointing to this process guideline will be posted on those projects and also on the l10n project.

Where do the localizations come from?

Localized builds are created by the community. The l10n project coordinates this activity, and one can view the status of any ongoing localization by checking the status page.

What do we do here, in QA?

The point of having QA test these builds is to reduce the possibility that the builds won't work. They may still be rough, but by going through the QA process, we can at least ensure that we won't be sending out to the world builds that can't be installed, won't work at all, ...

What is the QA process?

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