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The 'qadevOOo' project provides a test harness to execute test cases written in different programming languages, like C/C++, Java, Python or Basic. These test cases are responsible to ensure the functionality and reliability of specified APIs. The test harness (written in Java), is responsible to setup, run and control the test processes and threads.

You'll find the test harness and a nearly complete set of Java and Basic test cases for the API here, as well as the desired value set for the test runs and a set of test documents used by the test cases. They are available via cvs or as an installable package.
Refer to the What's Next section for further details of future development and to the How can you help section for Information how to support the project.

Please make use of the QA discussion list in case of questions or suggestions so that everyone can participate.

Download the installable package Download a package (9 MB) that contains all sources, precompiled classes and scripts to execute the tests. Refer to the install section for installation guidelines.
Installation Guide Installation Guide for the qadevOOo package
User Guides
General User Guide
About Java-testcases
About Basic-testcases
About Complex-testcases
How can you help Your support is appreciated
Build guide Using the build environment
Using netbeans
General Information
Runner reference
Java reference
Developer's Guide
API- reference
What's Next Upcoming features
What's New News about qadevOOo
ConvWatch documentation ConvWatch is a helper tool to compare documents by it's graphical representation.

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