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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15 Test

Manual Testing (old TestLink cases)

Test cases collected from the old TestLink service in no particular order. Clink on an ".html" file to view the test case, and use it.

Manual Test Cases

Shakedown Test Suite

These tests are outdated and are only usefull for (backward) OOo 1.x testing. We are working on new testcases. For more information about the process subscribe to our mailinglists and have a look at the TCM (Test Case Management) portal.

Test Assertion Groups:
Installation Tests Install in both standalone and networked environments
Filetype Test Test that can open & correctly display  specified file types. Can open/execute a Java applet.
File Actions Test that can create & save different types of files. Can send mail using an external mail program.
Insert Actions Test that can insert specified actions into a text document.
Edit Actions Test that edit actions function as specified with a text document. Test that cut and paste integrate with external editors and
View Actions Test view actions function as specified.
Format Actions Test format actions function as specified.
Tools/Options Test tools/options function correctly.
Print Test prints a text document to a default printer.
Help Test help contents and functions.

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