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service ODMAContentProvider
The ODMA Content Provider (OCP) implements a ContentProvider for the UniversalContentBroker (UCB).

It provides access to a document structure stored on a Document Management System (DMS).

OOo 1.1.2
See also
ContentProvider, Content, ODMAContent

Exported Interfaces - Summary

provides two types of content; the document and the Root Folder. (details)

Exported Interfaces - Details
provides two types of content; the document and the Root Folder.

  1. The document Content corresponds to a document stored on the DMS.

  2. The Root Folder exists at any time and is used to show all documents avaible at that time. All other OCP contents are children of this folder. The OCP Root Folder can only contain OCP Documents. It has the URL „“.

URL Scheme for OCP Contents

Each OCP content has an identifier corresponding to the following scheme:<name>

where <name> is the DocumentID given by the DMS.

Examples: ( The URL of the OCP Root Folder ) a document id given by the DMS\DMS_ID\DM_SPECIFIC_INFO

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