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:: com :: sun :: star :: text ::

unpublished interface XMultiTextMarkup
Usage Restrictions
not published
provides functionality to apply multiple text markups in one call.
OOo 3.0.1

Methods' Summary
commitMultiTextMarkup submits multiple new markup ranges.  
Methods' Details
commitMultiTextMarkup( [in] sequence< TextMarkupDescriptor >  aMarkups )
raises( ::com::sun::star::lang::IllegalArgumentException );

submits multiple new markup ranges.

The main use of this function will probably be for proofreading to allow for setting the markup of all found errors in a sentence in a single call. For this the sequence needs to provide the markups for all errors along with the markup for the identified sentence boundaries. The order of those entries is arbitrary.

Parameter aMarkups
a sequence of single text markups.
See also
XTextMarkup, TextMarkupType
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