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unpublished interface XAsyncOutputMonitor
Usage Restrictions
not published
An optional companion interface to XOutputStream that supports scenarios where XOutputStream::writeBytes operates asynchronously and does not necessarily report any errors.

A typical scenario where this interface is useful is when an XOutputStream is used to write to a file via NFS. Normally, any calls to XOutputStream::writeBytes will execute asynchronously then, in that any potential errors might only be reported by later calls to XOutputStream::writeBytes or XOutputStream::closeOutput. If such an output stream shall not be closed immediately after one or more calls to XOutputStream::writeBytes, but the client wants to know as soon as possible whether writing was successful, then XAsyncOutputMonitor::waitForCompletion should be called after the series of calls to XOutputStream::writeBytes.

OOo 2.0

Methods' Summary
waitForCompletion waits for the completion of any previous calls to XOutputStream::writeBytes, and reports potentially pending errors.  
Methods' Details
raises( IOException );

waits for the completion of any previous calls to XOutputStream::writeBytes, and reports potentially pending errors.

Calling this method is potentially expensive (even if the associated XOutputStream represents a local file not accessed via NFS, for example). This method has a similar description to XOutputStream::flush. However, where the semantics of flush are rather vague, waitForCompletion has very specific semantics—it just blocks long enough so that any errors encountered during previous calls to XOutputStream::writeBytes can reliably be reported. It specificially does not guarantee that any data have savely been stored on a stable physical medium, like a hard disk (and it is completely unspecified whether flush should give this guarantee).

com::sun::star::io::IOException if any previous call to XOutputStream::writeBytes encountered such an error, but has not yet reported it (in cases where writeBytes operates asynchronously).
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