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unpublished service XSDValidationPropertyHandler
Usage Restrictions
not published
implements a property handler for use with an ::com::sun::star::inspection::ObjectInspector which provides properties related to binding form control models to XForm bindings and validating the form control content.

By using an XMLFormsPropertyHandler, an ::com::sun::star::inspection::ObjectInspector can be used to bind form components to ::com::sun::star::xforms::Binding instances. Since those instances also support validating form control content (by supporting an ::com::sun::star::form::validation::XValidator interface), it seems reasonable to edit those validate-related properties (like the XSD data type to validate against) in the ::com::sun::star::inspection::ObjectInspector, too. This is what an XSDValidationPropertyHandler is good for.

The handler expects a value named "ContextDocument" in the context in which it is created. That is, the ::com::sun::star::uno::XComponentContext used for creating the CellBindingPropertyHandler is examined for a value with this name. If the object in this value denotes a XML form document (indicated by supporting the ::com::sun::star::xforms::XFormsSupplier interface), this document is used to do XML binding related work.

See also
::com::sun::star::inspection::XPropertyHandler, ::com::sun::star::form::binding::BindableControlModel, ::com::sun::star::form::binding::ValueBinding, com::sun::star::forms::validation::ValidatableControlModel, ::com::sun::star::xforms::Binding, ::com::sun::star::xsd::XDataType, ::com::sun::star::uno::XComponentContext::getValueByName

Exported Interfaces - Summary
(referenced entity's summary:)
is the basic interface for object inspection.
Exported Interfaces - Details
(referenced entity's summary:)
is the basic interface for object inspection.

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