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Apache OpenOffice 4.1.6 released
Icon Design
  Icon Design Guide Line
  Evolution of OOo icons
  The Galaxy style
  Disabled icons
  Statusbar icons: zoom slider
  Galaxy icons for OOo website
   New icons for Impress: Slide Layout and sorting
Splash Screen & Aboutbox
   The Progress bar
  Bitmaps for MacOS X (history)
  Installer Icon for MacOS X (history)
  New Installer icons for Windows (history)
Other Bitmaps
  Thumbnails for Preview
  Buttons for Impress
  Start Center Design (history)
  Professional Analysis Wizard
  LowContrast icons for StarCenter
Proposals (current & dismiss)
  New default colors for Chart
  New colors for ReportDesigner
  Extensions site design
   Extensions site re-design
  Template site design
  Proposal aboutbox with Extension remark
   Slide Selection design proposal
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Graphics for
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