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The Galaxy Icons

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Characteristic of the Galaxy Style
Color New, clear, fresh and harmonic color palette
  Be careful with saturation, avoiding extremes

Color language - same symbolism like Andromeda style (see IconDesignGuide, Page 26)


Simple - reduce to basic elements and characterisics

Smooth look (round corners)

Straight-on perspective

rotating objects when to make exceptions

Two-part system (top-down light, buttom-up light)

Low sheen, diffuse reflection materials
Realistic effects (glassy, metallic)

24bit with alpha channel

small size (16 x 16 pixel), lagre size (26 x 26 pixel)

  High contrast version of all icons
The Galaxy Design
keep in mind:
Look good on different platforms
Make sure that Windows users feel at home
Examples of the new Galaxy Style

The Galaxy Icons in Context
See Writer icons in context: Windows | Linux | Mac
See Calc icons in context: Windows | Linux | Mac
See Impress icons in context: Windows | Linux | Mac

The Galaxy Color Palette

Here you could find the Galaxy color palette for GIMP. Thank you to Christoph Noack for creating this .gpl file :-)
Now, you could find the Galaxy colors for, too. Please find the Galaxy colors as Draw document (.odg file) or as OOo color palette (.soc file). Thank you to the creater :-)
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