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The Galaxy Icons

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Behavior: Disabled icons | Selected icons
Disabled icon state
Normal Example of new Galaxy icons:

The new Galaxy style have a lot of decoration effects (light reflex, gradient, drop shadow, etc.) These effects make the icon shapes more blurry than the older "Classic" icons (Andromeda).

  A new way of drawing disable icons get more necessary than ever...
Current disable style

See how the new Galaxy icons will look as disabled:


• The icons lost their meaning
• Different icons looking similar
• The huge grey area is too prominent, sometimes more than a normal icon
• And it looks terrible bad

Proposals for "disabled"

The disabled Galaxy icons should be look like one of these:

Proposal #01
Opacity: 20%    
Proposal #02
Opacity: 30%    
Proposal #03
Opacity: 40%    
Proposal #04
Opacity: 50%    
A11y – disabled icons

See how the disabled high contrast icons will look:

The high contrast version of
Proposal #02
Opacity: 30%    
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