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OpenOffice.org Specification Project

The goal of the OpenOffice.org Specification project is to have a home for specifications which are related to OpenOffice.org. These can be User Interface specifications or Technical specifications. The table below lists the areas for which specifications are written.

Note: For detailed information about this project please continue reading on the Specification Project Wiki page.

Specification Index

Project Count Description
User Interface in General 15+ Specifications for Toolbars, Wizards, Widgets etc.
User Interface Terminology 1 Specifications that deal exclusively with text on the UI
Application Wide 50+ Specification which affect all OpenOffice.org modules
G11n 15+ General globalization-related specifications
OpenOffice.org Writer 40+ Specifications for the text document module
OpenOffice.org Calc 27+ Specifications for the spread sheet module
OpenOffice.org Impress 5+ Specifications for the presentation module
OpenOffice.org Draw 5 Specifications for the drawing module
OpenOffice.org Chart 20+ Specifications for the chart module
OpenOffice.org Math - Specifications for the formula module
OpenOffice.org Base 20+ Specifications for the database module
OpenOffice.org Basic IDE 2 Specifications for the basic & dialog editor
OpenOffice.org SDK 9 Specifications for UNO, API and SDK
Scripting Framework 5+ Specifications for the Scripting Framework
OpenOffice.org for Mac 2 Specifications for the Mac Port
Installation 10+ Specifications for the installers

Specification Template

The specification template can be downloaded from here: OpenOffice-org-Specification-Template.ott. You can also create a specification based on the wiki template.

A Specification Guide (deprecated) can be found here: OpenOffice_org_Specification_guide.sxw

As a small piece of the workflow puzzle for specifications, there's a document describing how to obtain linguistic review for a specification document (as PDF).

Specifications and the What's New Guide

OpenOffice.org uses a semi-automatic What's New Guide creation process. This means that parts of the specification are automatically transferred into the What's New Guide. To assure that the What's New Guide generation works well it is very important that only the official specification template is used.

How do I know that my specification is OK?

To check the specification we've created a "Specification Checking Tool". Using it is really easy. Just fill in the URL pointing to the location of the specification. Click "Check" to check the specification.

If errors occur please change or revise the specific sections causing these errors. Errors will also occur, if a different format has been used (e.g. HTML). If so, please copy the content into a new specification based on the specification template.

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