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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15 Globalization-Related Specifications
Specification Name Description Author Status Target Date
Vertical Table Adjustment with Mouse Make Writer table rows mouse adjustable Falko Tesch Final 2.0 04.09.2003
Right-to-left Canvas for Calc This spec adds the CTL feature for RTL canvas to Calc Falko Tesch Final 2.0 19.01.2004
R2L-enabled Control Forms This specification will enhance 2.0 with control forms that can have both text directions/layout - left-to-right and right-to-left. Falko Tesch Final 2.0 22.07.2004
Setting of Numpad Decimal Separator This feature adjusts wrong decimal separator output for French, Spanish etc. uses (a dot instead of a comma) Falko Tesch Final 2.0 11.02.2004
Additional spacing settings for CJK This feature adjusts necessary spacing for CJK users. NOTE: This is an old specification that has been postponed! Falko Tesch Draft 2.0 09.02.2004
Simplified <-> Traditional Chinese Translator To ease interoperation in between Chinese writing in Simplifeid and in Traditional Chinese a converter will be introduced that can transfer in between these scripts. Falko Tesch Final 2.0 16.06.2004
Hangul-Hanja Conversion Tool A tool to convert Hanja to Hangul characters and vice versa. In OO.o 2.0 the custom dictionary functionality is added. Falko Tesch Final 2.0 26.03.2004
Chinese Numbering Chinese numbering system is very formal and complicated, and the software should accurately reflect that numbering system. Karl Hong Draft 2.0 27.04.2004
Add AutoText to DoubleByte Characters All AutoText/AutoCorrect functionality will be expanded to work also with DoubleByte characters. Falko Tesch Draft 2.0 31.03.2004
Ordinal Numbers AutoFormatting Localization Specification to make AutoFormatting of Ordinal Numbers available for other languages than English. Eric Savary Final 2.0 27.02.2004
Language Selection Defines the locale settings of a multi-language office under Unix and Windows(tm). Falko Tesch Final 2.0 03.08.2004
Language Packages Meta-specification to define the behaviour, content, installation and integration of Language Packs in 2.0). Hans-Joachim Lankenau Draft 2.0 20.09.2004
Language Packs Installation Specification to define the installation and integration of Language Packs in 2.0). Falko Tesch Final 2.0 Affiliate 12.11.2004
Localized Shortcuts Some localized versions of change the keyboard shortcuts for some menu commands. This document lists all changes for German, Spanish, French and Italian versions. Swedish and Brazilian Portuguese are also listed, although the shortcuts are the same as in the English version.

Shortcuts OOo1 (sxc)

Matthias Müller-Prove final 2.0 15.02.05

Specifications for 2.0.1

Font drop down awareness of keyboard layout Specification to make font drop down aware of keyboard current layout without user interaction needed. Falko Tesch Final Office 2.0.1 31.10.2005
Individual configurable font size for default fonts Specification to allow individual font sizes for default fonts in 2.0.1. Falko Tesch Final Office 2.0.1 31.10.2005
Easy override of incorrect word breaking Specification to override of incorrect word breaking in Thai and other languages. Falko Tesch Final Office 2.0.1 31.10.2005
Automated locale settings under Windows Specification to enhance automated locale settings under Windows. Falko Tesch Final Office 2.0.1 31.10.2005
Thai sequence input checking default setting Specification to enhance Thai sequence input checking default settings. Falko Tesch Final Office 2.0.1 31.10.2005
Match localized menu with input from keyboard Specification to allow OO.o 2.0.1 to read out keycodes regardsless the set keyboard layout. Falko Tesch Final Office 2.0.1 31.10.2005

Specifications for 3.0

Enhanced Character Spacing Specification to enhance the current setting of Japanese character spacing. Falko Tesch Draft Office Later 04.06.2004
Enclosed Characters This spec adds the Asian feature for enclosed characters to OpenOffice.orge Falko Tesch Draft Office Later 6/9/2004

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