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Apache OpenOffice 4.1.7 released Scripting Framework Specifications

List of Scripting Framework Specifications
Specification Name: Description: Author: Status: Date:
ScriptingFrameworkSpecification.sxw Scripting Framework switched on by default Tomas O'Connor Final 08/04/04
ToolsConfigureRedesign.sxw Redesign of the Tools/Configure Dialog Tomas O'Connor Obsolete 31/10/03
ScriptOrganizerSpecification.sxw Design of new Script Organizer Dialog Duncan Foster Final 10/06/04
MacroSelectorSpecification.sxw Design of new Macro Selector Dialog Tomas O'Connor Final 10/06/04
ErrorHandlingSpecification.sxw Scripting Framework Error Handling Noel Power Final 17/06/04
BasicImageSizeIncreaseWarning.odt Warning when saving large password protected libraries Noel Power Prelim 03/07/06

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