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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

Language Independent Office Scripting Framework

Project Owners: John Rice, Noel Power

There are currently two ways for users and developers to add functionality to, namely macros and UNO components.

Macros are a set of instructions which can interpret at runtime to carry out a specific set of tasks in Users can create a macro by recording a number of tasks in, save this set of tasks as a macro and then bind this macro to a menu or keypress. The macro is run by hitting the bound menu or key. Advanced users can write their own StarBasic macros in an embedded StarBasic IDE if they wish.

UNO components are compiled C++ or Java components, which a developer can write using the UNO API to access and manipulate The component is written in an external IDE in C++ or Java (or any language with a supported UNO bridge). The end user needs to install any new component in their to make use of this new functionality. UNO component development is supported by the ODK.

The Scripting Framework aims to strike a balance between these two approaches of customizing The framework will allow scripts to be written in a variety of languages, deployed into installations or documents, loaded at runtime and executed in The framework will allow any number of different scripting languages to be plugged into for which there is an UNO bridge. Our focus will be to support languages with a Java implementation, but the framework can be made to work with any scripting langauge with a supported UNO bridge such as the UNO Python bridge. In this way users and developers will be able to write scripts in any supported scripting language to manipulate

The Early Developer release (Version 0.1) of the Office Scripting Framework will work with 643C

Documentation for the Early Developer Release (Version 0.1)




Features of the Early Developer Release


Download the Office Scripting Framework (2 MB). Refer to the install section for installation guidelines.


Installation Guide for the Office Scripting Framework

Script User Guides

General User Guide

Examples: Scripts contributed by the community

Script Developer Guides

General Developer Guidelines

Developer Guide for NetBeans

Developer Guide for jEdit

Developing Scripts without an IDE


Frequently Asked Questions for the Office Scripting Framework


Known Issues list for the Early Developer Release

What's Next

Upcoming features in future releases of the Office Scripting Framework

Mailing List

Installation, User or Developer queries on the Office Scripting Framework


Issues found in the Office Scripting Framework should be logged in Issuezilla
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