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User Guide for the Early Developer Release (Version 0.1)

This is a simple user guide for the Early Developer Release of the Office Scripting Framework




Before you install the Scripting Framework, be aware of the following: Top

Running the example Office Scripts

There are two examples scripts supplied with the Scripting Framework, namely Highlight, and MemoryUsage. Highlight is an application level script for Writer that allows the user to search for a word or phrase. It will highlight all instances in red and give a count of the number of instances.

The second example, MemoryUsage, is a script stored in a Calc spreadsheet that checks the current memory usage in the Java Virtual Machine and updates cells in the spreadsheet with the usage values. The spreadsheet also contains a graph which will update when the cell values are changed.

The examples are placed in <Office Installation>/user/Scripts/java by the installer.

Running the Highlight example

To run this example you first need to create a menu item from which you can execute the script.

Running the MemoryUsage example

The MemoryUsage example is already deployed inside an Office document, ExampleSpreadSheet.sxc. To run the example, just open:

<Office Installation>/user/Scripts/java/ExampleSpreadSheet.sxc.

You can then execute the MemoryUsage script by pressing CTRL+Shift+M with the ExampleSpreadSheet.sxc window focused. You should see the memory usage values being updated, and the graph should change to reflect the new values.



See the Known Issues page.
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