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Last updated 25 July 2001

The following is a list of the "Editor's Columns" (now called: Community Articles) that have appeared on They are all still open for discussion. If you wish to comment, critique, or otherwise engage the issues, please submit your comments to the discuss list, which you can find on the mailing list page. To post a message, however, you must first be subscribed.

I am also open to suggestions. Send your story or interview ideas to

13 July 2001 The Infrastructure Upgrade, Part II. An introduction to the upcoming infrastructure upgrade.

2 July 2001 The Infrastructure Upgrade, I. An introduction to the upcoming infrastructure upgrade.

8 June 2001 Interview: Richard M.Stallman. A conversation with the brilliant and fascinating founder of the Free Software movement.

31 May 2001 Whiteboard Projects. The first of a two-part examination of what could be called the people's project space: the Whiteboard.

21 May 2001 Interview: Kevin Hendricks. A conversation with one of's most interesting contributors.

11 May 2001 Fear of an Open Source Community. What is Microsoft so afraid of? An analysis of Craig Mundie's Open Source fears.

1 May 2001 Interview: Frank Hecker. Instrumental in moving Mozilla code to an open-source framework, Frank Hecker discusses in this interview the process and logic of the move.

23 April 2001 Interview: Guy Capra, of the Francophone Project. More than anyone, Guy Capra has spearheaded the creation of the Native Language Development Project and of his Francophone module. His background is also fascinating.

12 April 2001 What Must Be Done: The Mac OS X Port. A call to arms: Mac users and developers must unite to build the port of

27 March 2001 The International, II. An analysis of the resolution of the issues surrounding the creation of the Native Language Development project. Useful for anyone curious about's innovative strategy in becoming truly global.

15 March 2001 The International. An analysis of the controversy relating the proposals for the Native Language Development project, which is a step beyond mere localization.

9 March 2001 Creating the New Open Source. In which I debate some of Sander Vesik's views.

1 March 2001 Interview: Sander Vesik. Sander Vesik is one of the chief release engineers; he is also forthright and direct in his opinions about Open Source and what needs to be done.

22 February 2001 Allchin's Demagoguery, by Bill Roth, guest contributor. A needed criticism of Microsoft's new slick retreat of hoary anti-American propaganda.

15 February 2001 Interview with Wilfredo Sánchez. The former senior engineer of Apple's Darwin project describes his work for Apple and his reasons for his involvement in Open Source.

9 February 2001 Organizing Open Source. An analysis of what is entailed by "open sourcing" code. If you are curious about the process of Open Source, start here.

1 February 2001 Open Source and Its Culture. A declaration of areas of interest. Open Source is a large, catch-all term of recent vintage (1998); its community, its culture, its process all need clarification and analysis. This essay sets the terms.

23 January 2001 Community Action. A brief, and somewhat controversial, description of the community of developers in action, with comparisons to the project.

16 January 2001 Quo Vadis What are's goals? Its ambitions? Its focus or foci? This essay briefly touches on these and other, related, points.

9 January 2001 The 613 build:  problems and opportunities. The 613 build was a bad-luck build. But it also proved to be one of the most popular, as community members rushed to the challenge. This essay explores that history.

3 January 2001 Sun's open door. The inaugural essay, a reflection on Sun's ambitious project.

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