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service UriReferenceFactory
Supported Interface
creates URI references.

See RFC 2396 for a description of URI references and related terms.

For parsing absolute URI references, this service tries to use a scheme-specific parser. Such a scheme-specific parser will typically enforce additional restrictions during parsing, and will typically return objects that support extra, scheme-specific interfaces in addition to XUriReference. If no such parser is found, and for relative URI references, a generic parser is used, which returns objects that only support XUriReference.

Locating a scheme-specific parser works as follows: A scheme consists of Latin captial letters “A”–“Z”, Latin small letters “a”–“z”, digits “0”–“9”, “+”, “-”, and “.”. A scheme s is transformed into a string s′ character-by-character, by translating Lating capital letters to their small counterparts, translating “+” to “PLUS”, “-” to “HYPHEN”, “.” to “DOT”, and copying Latin small letters and digits unchanged. If the component context used while creating this UriReferenceFactory instance offers a service manager, and there is a service available at that service manager whose name is the concatenation of “” and s′, then that service is used. It is an error if that service does not support XUriSchemeParser.

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