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interface XInterceptorInfo
makes it possible to get information about a registered interceptor and is used by frame interceptor mechanism to perform interception.

Frame can call right interceptor directly without calling all of registered ones. Use it as an additional interface to XDispatchProviderInterceptor. If any interceptor in list doesn't support this interface - these mechanism will be broken and normal list of master-slave interceptor objects will be used from top to the bottom.

See also
XDispatchProviderInterception, XDispatchProviderInterceptor

Methods' Summary
getInterceptedURLs returns the URL list for interception.  
Methods' Details
sequence< string >

returns the URL list for interception.

Wildcards inside the URL's are allowed to register the interceptor for URL's too, which can have optional arguments (e.g. "..#.." or "..?..").

a list of URL's wich are handled by this interceptor
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