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interface XConnector
allows to actively establish an interprocess connection.
Developers Guide
ProUNO - Opening a Connection

Methods' Summary
connect creates a new connection interprocess connection.  
Methods' Details
connect( [in] string  sConnectionDescription )
raises( NoConnectException,
ConnectionSetupException );

creates a new connection interprocess connection.

Tries to connect to an XAcceptor. Behavior is unspecified if a call to connect is made when another call to connect either has not yet returned or has returned successfully without raising an exception.

Parameter sConnectionDescription
contains the kind of the connection plus a comma seperated list of attributes, e.g., socket,host=locahost,port=2345 for a tcpip connection.
ConnectionSetupException Problems during setting up the connector on client side, (e.g., Security-reasons, socket already busy .. ), or the string could not be interpreted correctly.
NoConnectException Couldn't reach a server (e.g. network failure), no server is listening
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