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Derived Structs
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Uses as Parameter
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References in Developers Guide

Derived Structs
Uses as Parameter
References in Developers Guide
OfficeDev - Document Events
Text - Indexes and Index Marks - Indexes
OfficeDev - Component - Models - XViewDataSupplier
FirstSteps - Any
ProUNO - Properties
Config - Configuration Management - Architecture
OfficeDev - Dispatch Process - Dispatching a Command
OfficeDev - Filtering Process - MediaDescriptor
OfficeDev - Properties of a Filter
Text - Navigating - Search and Replace
UCB - Setting Content Properties
Drawings - Other Drawing Specific View Settings
Spreadsheets - Conditional Formats
Text - Printing Text Documents - Printing Multiple Pages on one Page
Database - Connecting Using the DriverManager and a Database URL
OfficeDev - Filter
Text - Table Naming, Sorting, Charting and Autoformatting
OfficeDev - General Notes
Text - Formatting
Drawings - Shape Types
Text - Line Numbering and Outline Numbering - Paragraph and Outline Numbering
OfficeDev - Handling Documents - Loading Documents - MediaDescriptor
Database - Forms and Reports
WritingUNO - Defining a Service
Text - Sorting Text
ProUNO - Java - Mapping of Struct Types
Spreadsheets - Function Handling - Information about Functions
Spreadsheets - Filter Options
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