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C++ UNO Coding Hints

Author: Daniel Bölzle

I want to show some common hints and peephole optimizations concerning C++ Any and Reference<> objects, although most of them have formerly been posted on interface-announce.

Here we go:

  1. don't use:

         Any ret;
         ret <<= xFoo;
         return ret;
    for better performance use:
         return makeAny( xFoo );
    BTW: You can use makeAny() and <<=, >>= with every C++-UNO type and the C++ bool, except for sal_Unicode which conflicts with sal_uInt16, e.g.
         return makeAny( static_cast< sal_Int64 >(42) );
         return makeAny( Sequence< OUString >() );
         return makeAny( false );
         sal_Unicode c = 'a';
         return Any( &c, ::getCppuCharType() );

  2. don't use:

         Reference< XFoo > x;
         x = Reference< XFoo >( xSomething, UNO_QUERY );
    for better performance use:
         Reference< XFoo > x;
         x.set( xSomething, UNO_QUERY );

  3. The following code:

         Any any;
         Reference< XFoo > x;
         any >>= x;
    can alternatively be written as:
         Any any;
         Reference< XFoo > x( any, UNO_QUERY );
         Reference< XFoo > x;
         x.set( any, UNO_QUERY );

Additionally I recommend using UNO_QUERY_THROW (instead of UNO_QUERY). This will throw a ::com::sun::star::uno::RuntimeException with message

    "unsatisfied query for interface of type ...!"
in case a query was not successful. Using UNO_QUERY_THROW often leads to shorter code, e.g.
     Reference< XFoo > xFoo( xBar, UNO_QUERY );
     if (!
         throw RuntimeException(..."got no XFoo!"...);


     Reference< XFoo >( xBar, UNO_QUERY_THROW )->foo();

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Last update: 16-Oct-2012

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