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Miscellaneous Software Development Kit (SDK) Build Guide

The Software Development Kit (SDK) can be build as a normal code module in the build environment.

The build process of the SDK is split in two parts:

  1. the main part of the SDK is build in the api/odk module. In this module everything is collected that is part of the SDK.
    • header files
    • IDL files
    • tools
    • examples
    • some documentation
    • IDL reference documentation is created
    The result of this module is a platform specfic (incudes binaries)> file in the <bin> directory of the output tree. And a> file in the <bin> directory of the common output tree. The files are delivered and later on used in instsetoo_native to package the SDK product.

Many parts of the SDK are coming directly from the global output tree (e.g. header files, IDL files, tools). So it is recommended to build the SDK at the end of a normal build. If the SDK should be build on base of an existing solenv, you have at least to checkout the two modules:

  1. api/odk
  2. instsetoo_native
and have to build them in the given order. In instsetoo_native/util you can use dmake sdkoo to trigger a SDK packaging process directly.

Porting the SDK

The SDK comes currently with a simplified build environment for the examples. This build environment is based on gnu make. This allows SDK users to use the examples or to create own solutions based on the SDK without any complex build environment. For porting the SDK to a new platform it is necessary to:

  1. check the api/odk/settings/ file, insert the appropriate extension and adopt it to the requirements of the new platform.
  2. to provide a configure/setsdkenv script or to adopt the existing ones in the root of api/odk.
If it is necessary to insert new files, it is necessary to adopt the packaging makefiles (api/pack/... and the check script (api/odk/util/ The check script provide a first simple content check of the SDK at the end of the build.

Last update: 11-Aug-2008

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