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Last modified 28 November 2006

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Sep 20. 2002 Do not show this again"-dialogs In some situations, warns or informs the user about something using a modal dialog, with the option to permanently switch off this special warning or info ....
Sep 1, 2004 The HelpID system In, ever user interface element (a dialog control, a menu item, whatever), needs to have a unique help id. To some extent, you as the developer are responsible for ensuring this ...
Jan 9, 2004 loading common UI on demand (sxw) This document describes an architecture for loading common user interface (dialogs, tab pages) on demand, instead of placing them in shared libraries to link against.
Jul 7, 2004 Programmatic Control of Menu and Toolbar Items (sxw) This feature should enable 3rd party developers to adapt menu bar and toolbar layouts to their needs. It will make menus and toolbars accessible to UNO developers and provide access to interfaces to insert/remove and modify menu items, popup menus and toolbar items during Office runtime.
Nov. 28, 2006 Dialog Specification and Guidelines (odt) This documents describes the visual guidelines of dialog design in


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