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OpenOfficeDo Not Show This Message Again

In some situations, warns or informs the user about something using a modal dialog, with the option to permanently switch off this special warning or info. This option is usually implemented by a checkbox in this dialog. does not have a generic approach how to switch on such messages, again. There may be reasons for the user to do so, the most simple that the user simply did not read what OOo presented her, and just clicked away it with a "don't wanna know this"-attitude. We all know this happens from time to time :).

This document is a collection of the current dialogs we have, and the current solutions (or a note about the inexistence of such a solution) to switch them on once they have been switched off. Calc

copying cells

How to reach: In a Calc document, fill two cells, copy one of them, paste it onto the other one.

message: You are pasting data into cells that already contain data. Do you really want to overwrite the existing data?

switch-on: Tools/Options/Spreadsheet/Common/Show overwrite warning when pasting data Impress

changing page layout

How to reach: In a presentation, do some actions so that the Undo list is filled, and chose a different page layout

message: This action deletes the list of actions that can\nbe undone. .....

switch-on: configuration only. Location: /org/openoffice/Office/Impress/Misc/ShowUndoDeleteWarning


printing transparent objects

How to reach: In any of the major application's documents, insert a rectangle with a semi-transparent fill color. Print the document

message: Your document contains transparent ....

switch-on: not known, still to clarify Writer

Bibliography – column assignment

How to reach: In the Bibliography component, change the data source to a table which does not contain all columns which by default are needed for a Bibliography.

message: The following column names could not be assigned: ...

switch-on: configuration only. Location: /org/openoffice/Office/DataAccess/Bibliography/ShowColumnAssignmentWarning

Author: Frank Schönheit
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