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write-calc-doc - Transform profiling data into an OpenOffice Calc document.


write-calc-doc <options>* <log-file-name> [<output-file-name>]

Transforms the profiling data in log-file-name into a Zip file named output-file-name containing XML files that form an OpenOffice Calc document. If output-file-name is not given, then the output file name is constructed from the log file name by replacing its .log extension by .sxc. Options are:

-i <file-name>
File containing regular expressions for the inclusion filter.

-e <file-name>
File containing regular expressions for the exclusion filter.

Print this usage information.


The given log file is transformed into a collection of XML files that are then zippped into a single file. The created XML files are:

List of these three files.

Some meta informations.

This file contains the actual Calc document.

The data for each thread is displayed on two Calc pages.

The first is merely a pretty-printed version of the profiling data. It lists all time stamps in the order in which they have been written. The first column contains the time on which the time stamp has been written or to be more precise on which its writing has been requested. The second column contains the amount of time that a function has taken to compute. The remaining columns are used to display the function names optionally followed by messages. The indentation indicates the calling hierarchy.

The second combines all time stamps with the same text and provides statistical information like average run time and number of calls.


See also the LogFile::Parser manpage, the LogFile::Filter manpage, the LogFile::Processor manpage, and the LogFile::XML manpage.


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