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Linux (x86) Performance Issues

Code size

In comparison to the Windows binaries it is remarkable that size of libraries is bigger. Some libraries are three times bigger than their windows versions. One main reason for that is that symbols are referenced by their names. In Windows symbols are directly referenced (within libraries) or by ordinal (external references).

One possible solution could be the introduction of aliases for symbol names. So the symbol names could be reduced to an optimal length and names with up to 4K characters could be avoided. If there was made heavy use of STL and namespaces very long symbols names are the result.

There are other reasons why gcc generated libraries are pretty huge, see also some sizing experiments we've done on SRC624.

Startup time

See also: .

Performance Data: Version Startup (first start after installation) Memory footprint after start and late init


VmSize VmRss VmData
OpenOffice627 65 sec 104768Kb/49676KB/16360kb


Other references:

Linking loader

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