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Apache OpenOffice 4.1.6 released

Prebuilt mozilla libraries (up to OOo 3.1)

Note: If your're looking for Mozilla pre-builts for the 3.2 branch (more precise: For DEV300.m53 and later), you're wrong here. Look at the 3.2 page, please.

  Name    Last modified    Size     16-Nov-2004 04:32      4.9M     16-Nov-2004 04:33      0.7M     16-Nov-2004 04:34      3.0M     08-Sep-2004 06:29      4.8M     08-Sep-2004 06:26      0.8M     26-Oct-2004 04:25      3.4M     31-Aug-2004 08:42      4.8M     31-Aug-2004 08:43      1.1M     22-Oct-2004 08:50      4.2M     23-Dec-2004 05:56      4.9M     23-Dec-2004 05:56      0.2M     23-Dec-2004 05:57      2.3M     08-Feb-2006 09:37      4.8M     08-Feb-2006 09:38      2.8M     08-Feb-2006 09:41      2.8M  

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