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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15 Database Specifications

Specification Name Description Author Status Taget Date
Database Application
Data Source Properties dialog The new database application needs a new dialog where the user can edit the properties of an already created data source. Ocke Janssen draft 2.0 2005-02-01
Database Application The new database application. Ocke Janssen final 2.0 2005-02-01 
Database registration dialog
The new database registration dialog.
Ocke Janssen final 2.0 2004-01-28
Export and Import of Queries The document describes a feature to provide the easy importing and exporting of queries (SQL statements) created within OOo Base.
Phill Gillespie final 2.0 2004-06-13
Embedded Database
Feature for embedded databases.
Ocke Janssen final 2.0 2004-11-08
Query Wizard This document describes in detail how the new Query wizard will help the user to create queries. Within up to eight steps the wizard will guide the user through the creation of a query of an arbitrary registered SQL database. As various databases support different extents of features the wizard recognizes the potential of the addressed database in such a way that also users who are unexperienced in database technology succeed in creating a query. The wizard covers the following main features (if supported by the respective database: column aliasing, filter conditions, sorting, grouping, grouping conditions, and aggregate functions. Berend Cornelius final 2.0 2004-01-24
Table Wizard This document describes the whole functionality of the Table Wizard, covers all user interface related aspects and describes the format of the needed scenario files that the wizard is based on. Berend Cornelius final 2.0 2003-12-18
Form Wizard The Form Wizard conforms to the new wizard design that is introduced for OOo 2. Two new wizard panels extended the functionality to subforms. Above that the user interface of the current Form Wizard will be worked over. Berend Cornelius final 2.0 2003-12-19
Database Setup Wizard The new Database application needs a user interface to create a new database connection file. This new wizard guides the user to do so. It is raised via the menu sequence "File"/"New"/"Database Document". Berend Cornelius final 2.0 2004-07-14
Report Wizard The Report Wizard for OOo 2.0 is used to create reports in the new Base module. The overall behavior and functionality is not changed compared to OOo 1.x.

Berend Cornelius

final 2.0 2005-03-10
Forms and Form Controls
Scroll Bar Form Control A form control which acts as a scrollbar. Frank Sch�nheit final 2.0 2003-11-05
Spin Button Form Control A form control which acts as a spinbutton. Frank Sch�nheit final 2.0 2003-11-05
Property Browser Enhancements Changes to the form/control property browser which hopefully increase its usability Frank Sch�nheit final 2.0 2004-01-20
A Rich Text Form Control This document describes a control which allows displaying and editing rich text. Frank Sch�nheit final 2.0 2004-04-06
Navigation Bar Form Control This document describes a control which provides the functionality from the well-known form navigation toolbar. Frank Sch�nheit final 2.0 2004-04-05
Form Navigation Functionality for Push Buttons This document describes an extension to push button controls, which allows to easily assign common form navigation functionality (such as moving the form to a new record) to those buttons. Frank Sch�nheit final 2.0 2004-04-05
Handling Line Ends in MultiLine Text Fields specifies how to handle different line ends ("DOS-like" (CR LF) vs. "Unix-like" (LF)) in form controls. Frank Sch�nheit final 2.0 2004-04-26
Form Controls: Interoperability I's form controls will be refit with various new properties, which allow to modify appearance-related aspects of them which previously could not be customized. This gives .... Frank Sch�nheit draft 2.0 2004-05-03
Driver Specials
ADO Browse Dialog Add browse dialog to ADO datasource Wind Li final 2.0 2003-12-17
LDAP Authentication Add logging on and using SSL connection supports to LDAP datasource. Wind Li final 2.0 2003-12-17
Write Access To AddressBooks This document is for i20338 Q-PCD Database-15: Read and Write access to Address Books. Wind Li draft 2.0 2004-04-19

Specifications for 3.0

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