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Name Description Status Date

Specifications for 3.x

Resizeable Legend The legend can be resized now via mouse or dialog. Standard 2011-03-09
Date Axis Describes the changed scale tab page for date axes. Standard 2010-11-23

Specifications for 3.3

Chart Drawing Objects Drawing objects can be inserted and edited. Standard 2009-11-09
Chart Data Dialog Added button for hierarchical axis labels. Standard 2010-01-29
New Defaults Several defaults have changed: larger size, larger font size, no black borders, better 3D look and more. Standard 2010-04-07

Specifications for 3.2

Chart Wizard with new types
Data Ranges with Bubble Chart
Bubble Charts and Filled Net Charts are available in addition. Standard 2009-08-24
Chart Element Selector A list box containing all chart elements was added to the formatting tool bar. Selecting an item in the list does select the according element within the chart. Press the new button named 'Format Selection' next to the list to open the properties dialog for that element. Standard 2009-09-16
Enhanced Context Menu The context menu now offers more functions to ease manipulation of charts. Standard 2009-09-16
Rotate Data Labels It's possible now to rotate data labels.
Standard 2009-06-12
Hidden cells The user now can decide whether values from hidden rows and collumns should be plotted or not. Standard 2009-06-12
Asian Typography The spacing between Asian, Latin and Complex text can be disabled. Standard 2009-06-12
Selection dependent Insert Menu Some items in the Insert Menu of the chart now act dependent on the selection. Standard 2009-09-16
Chart Element Names More descriptive dialog titles and some small corrections Standard 2009-08-07

Specifications for 3.1

Axis Positioning Flexible positioning of axis line, axis labels and interval marks. Standard 2008-11-24
Bi-directionalWriting The text direction of chart elements containing text can be customized. Standard 2009-01-20
Plotting of missing values (v1) The user now can decide how missing values should be plotted: 'leave gap', 'assume zero' or 'continue line'. Standard 2008-04-16
Axis Scale Describes the changed scale tab page for axes. Standard 2008-11-24

Specifications for 3.0

Error Bars Error bars can be plottet from measured data now. Standard 2008-01-15
Pie Chart Options Two new options are available for pie and donut charts: 'starting angle' and 'clockwise direction'. Standard 2008-01-08
Insert Title Dialog (v2) Titles for the secondary axes can be added. Standard 2007-11-21
Menu (v3) Menu items for secondary axis titles were added.
Insert Trend Line and Mean Value Line added in menu and context menu
Standard 2007-01-15
Trendlines The user interface for trendlines was changed thus the editing is easier. Standard 2008-01-15
Object Naming (v2) Changed regression curve to trend line and average value to mean value Standard 2008-01-15

Specifications for 2.4

Data Labels (v1) It is possible now to define a numberformat for the data label.
Value and percentage value can be displayed at the same time.
The separator between different parts of the labels can be selected, thus for example value and percentage can be displayed in separate lines.
The relative label placement can be choosen from a set possibilites. For pie charts a best fit placement was introduced.
Standard 2007-11-16
Trend-Line Equations (v1) The equation and correlation coefficient of a regression curve now can be displayed in the document. Standard 2007-11-16
Scales and Intervals (v2) The direction of an axis can be reversed now.
Tickmars can now be switched on or off also for category axes.
Standard 2007-10-25
Bar Chart Options An additional option will allow to show bars next to each other even when they are attached to different axes. Standard 2007-10-25
Menu (v2) Items for trendlines and trendline equations were added to contextmenu. Standard 2007-11-16

Specifications for 2.3

Chart Wizard (v1) Charts can be created with a new Chart Wizard. Standard 2007-05-16
Flexible Source Ranges (v1) Allow users to associate source-ranges of a spreadsheet to single chart-objects in different roles, like the x-values of a data-series. Note, that this version is an odt-replacement of the former sxw-Document. Standard 2007-05-16
Chart Data Dialog For Charts that display their own data there is a dialog for editing the data. With the Chart Data dialog is capable to modify, add and delete data that is used in data series and for categories. It is also possible to add and remove entire data series. All parts of a data series' data can be changed with this dialog. Standard 2007-05-16
Selection Handling Selection handling Standard 2007-05-16
Default Colors Specifies the dialog for Tools/Options/Charts/Default Colors. Standard 2007-06-19
Menu (v1) By activating a chart (select and double click it) the main menu structure offers commands to edit the type, style and appearance of the chart. Terminology is simplified and the menus are easier to access because the items are grouped in meaningful sections. Standard 2007-05-16
Toolbars (v1) Define what commands are available via the toolbars in the chart (esp. remove toggle title buttons from toolbar) Standard 2007-05-16
Object Naming (v1) Definition of the names of chart objects with. illustrations. Standard 2007-05-16
Undo Decsription of Undo stings. Standard 2007-05-16
3D View Settings for 3D charts. Standard 2007-05-16
Scales and Intervals Scales and Intervals incl. Minor Grids painting
This specification describes the scaling behavior of charts as well as the settings for the visible interval marks and the grid lines inside the chart.
Standard 2007-05-16
Auto Scaling of Axes Automatic Axis Scaling Standard 2007-05-16
Insert Title Dialog (v1) Dialog 'Insert Title' (no checkboxes, no default texts) Standard 2007-05-16

Drafts without target

The Legend Defines what information is shown in what way in the legend. (+Stock legend entries) Draft 2007-05-16
Series Order And Legend Entry Order Describes in which order series are displayed by the different charttypes and in the legend. Draft 2007-05-16

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