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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15
OOoRunner test harness

Package lib

Class Summary
MultiMethodTest The class supports method based interface tests development.
MultiPropertyTest MultiPropertyTest extends the functionality of MultiMethodTest to support services testing.
Parameters Deprecated.  
Status Status represents a result of a testing activity performed.
TestCase TestCase represent a factory for TestEnvironments creation and disposing for a given implementation object.
TestEnvironment The class contains an instance of a given implementation object and auxiliary objects associated with it and required for the object testing.
TestParameters TestParameters describes a parameters (in a form of pairs: name, value) to be passed to tests and which may affect the test behaviour.
TestResult The class supports interface tests development and Status calculation.

Exception Summary
StatusException StatusException is used to pass a Status object from a test code which is terminated abnormaly.

OOoRunner test harness

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