The Free and Open Productivity Suite
Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15
Project Lead: Maho Nakata
Co-Leads: Joost Andrae / Caio Tiago Oliveira de Sousa

Quality Assurance - Miscellaneous

Here you can find the latest announcements.
Mailing List
Here you can add yourselve to the main oo QA mailing lists.
Mailing List Archive
In this area you can find past mailing list content.
Here you can find QA related and beyond stuff on Wiki.
Here you can find a QA Membership list containing all participants.
Here you can find a QA related Sitemap.

Here you can find technical descriptions of current or new feature enhancements.
Issue Votes
Here you can see the latest result of the Issue Votes.
Issue Statistics
Here you can find an overview over the Issue amount.
Here you can find some interesting Issue queries.

Docs & Files
Here you can find general mixed stuff.
Older Test Cases
Here you can find Smoketest that has been used in OOo 1.0 and older.
Old QA Site
Here you can find the former QA Site Rev. 1.37.
QA reloaded
Here you can find an intruduction and strategic concept papers for the QA renewal.

Revision: 2.00

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