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Apache OpenOffice 4.1.7 released - MacOSX (X11)'s Mac OS X Port Media Coverage

We are now collecting a list of our media coverage. This list only covers the Mac OS X Port of OpenOffice. It does not cover the product as a whole. For articles relating to the project as a whole, please take a look at the OpenOffice home page.

January 2007

MacGeneration Interview Eric Bachard, the Mac Porting Project Lead

French Original

German Translation

English Translation

3 October 2006

Mac Format UK

OpenOffice Mac Porting Project Making Huge Strides towards Removing X11
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29 August 2006


Native Mac OpenOffice version coming
"Mac users will soon see a working native Mac OS X version of the free multiplatform and multilingual office suite, OpenOffice." Read Full Article

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