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3rd February 2007 Mac Porting team announces the top ten items to be fixed before alpha Aqua release

The Mac Porting team will release an alpha Aqua build which will install and run (with some crashes), once the following 10 issues have been resolved:

  1. 72248: VCL compiled with debug crashes
  2. 72250: Clicking a toolbar icon causes a crash with native menus
  3. 73691: The component Calc will instantly crash under certain situations
  4. 73689: Fix the redrawing and refresh issues on the Aqua version
  5. 73687: Implement various functions that are missing for the fonts
  6. 73690: Fix the cursor so that it will be visible to the user
  7. 73688: Use the default system font for user interface labels
  8. 73692: Implement the functions BitBlt() so that you can scroll list and see what is in them
  9. 73693: Change the location of the files in the final bundle so that Aqua will run "out of the box
  10. 73694: Implement support for international keyboards
Of course once the above ten items have been completed, we will still have a lot more to do. However the application will be in a form that the general public can view and see our progress.

To help stabalise the Aqua port to make it more useable more quickly, the first 4 items will be on our top priority.

To track the progress of the above issues please add yourself to the cc list of issue 74396.

There are a variety of way that you can help us:
  • Test upcoming versions of for Mac OS X using the X11 windowing environment (including localised versions).
  • Translate our documentation.
  • Contribute to the wiki
  • Contributing to the code of
  • Send us money, to buy hardware, training for our developers and help towards our travel and events.
  • Build the Aqua version
  • Provide processor time for developers to test their new code on the Mac Platform, through the buildbot or tinderbox systems.

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