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FreeBSD porting status page : Quality Assurance

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by porting team and NAKATA, Maho

Quality Assurance

Once porting has been done, it means that the OOo source is buildable. The next step should be to perform Quality Assurance of the FreeBSD ported This consists of several parts. Automated QA testing is also available. Other testcases are always needed.

Automated QA

Basic functionality of can be tested via automated GUI tools. The testtool connects OOo via TCP/IP, and does partial testing. Before proceeding, you should read Automated GUI Testing, Introduction to Automated GUI Testing, and TestTool CookBook.

Testing 2.0

Testing 1.1.5

You need the GNU/Linux version of qatesttool to run. Currently, my FreeBSD build of the testtool are broken and I don't know how to fix it...


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