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OOoCon 2009

The Call for Location is now closed

Please note the Call for Location closed at midnight UTC on February 1st 2009.

Details of the proposals received will be posted shortly.

Call for Location

The Community is now accepting proposals for hosting its next annual international conference, OOoCon 2009. Since the first conference in 2003, OOoCon has been held in Germany, Slovenia, France, Spain, and China - could your local community rise to the challenge in 2009?

Hosting OOoCon is challenging, rewarding, exhilarating, exhausting ... and can provide a huge publicity boost for in your country. There is no fixed date for OOoCon, although past conferences have been held in the autumn.

Submitting a proposal

Proposals should be submitted before midnight UTC on February 1st 2009 and must follow the following guidelines:

Section 1 – Mandatory Information

Proposed Date(s):
Location (country, city):
Special visa or entry requirements (e.g. vaccinations):
Conference venue(s) (e.g. university campus, municipal buildings):
Conference facilities (e.g. WiFi, video streaming/recording):
Accommodation (especially any low cost hostels etc):
External transport links (nearest airport(s)):
Internal transport links (within city):
Team Lead (main contact person):
Team Members (all members should be willing and able to commit at least 3 hours per day to planning the conference during the last two weeks before OOoCon 2009):
Local events that are taking place in parallel (or immediately before/after):

Section 2 – Your proposal

In 400 words or less, answer this question:
Why should the Community award OOoCon 2009 to your team?

Note: There have also been recommendations that we should move to a two year cycle, so this year we would also award OOoCon 2010. The team running 2010 would be expected to 'shadow' the 2009 team, to help them with the 2009 event, and prepare better for their own OOoCon the following year.

Please indicate in your proposal if you would be happy to be considered for OOoCon 2010 if your bid for 2009 is unsuccessful.

Submitting a Proposal

Proposals should be sent to the ooocon2009 (at)

The deadline for submissions is midnight UTC on February 1st 2009.

Shortly after that date we will publish the applications and start the selection process, during which Community members will be invited to make their preferences known through a community consultation process.

Information about previous Conferences can be found at the OOoCon website. The proposals submitted for OOoCon2008 are available here.

Thank you and good luck with your proposals!

The Conference Team.

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