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OpenOffice.org Conference (OOoCon 2008)

5th-7th November 2008
Beijing, China

Thursday 6th


Main Conference Workshops
09:00- 09:45 State of the Project, Year 8abstractavi The complex world of Quality Assurance on OOoabstractpresentationavi OpenOffice.org Extensions Repository - resum� after 1 yearabstractpresentationavi The present and future of Pootleabstractpresentationpdfavi ODF Workshop Hosted by ODF Adoption TC
10:00- 10:45 State of the User Experience Projectabstractpresentationpdfavi QUASTe - Quality Assurance Statuspageabstractpresentationavi The OpenOffice.org Scripting Framework: Adding a Scripting Language abstractpresentationpdfavi Can XLIFF facilitate the process of localizing OpenOffice?abstractpresentationpdfavi
10:45- 11:15 Break
11:15- 12:00 The State of the Documentation Projectabstractpresentationpdfavi Testing OpenOffice.org at Redflag 2000abstractpresentationavi Filling Gaps With Extensionsabstractpresentationpdfavi Complex Text Layout Issues with examples from Myanmarabstractpresentationpdfavi
12:15- 13:00 OpenOffice.org Portable - the office in your pocketabstractpresentationpdfavi You Don't Love Me Yet: Adventures into packaging OOo 3abstractpresentationpdfavi Redesign of accelerator to support extensionsabstractpresentationavi BrOffice.org Zine - YOUR OpenOffice.org fanzine around the worldabstractpresentationpdfavi
13:00- 14:00 Lunch Break
14:00- 14:45 Introduction of the Mozilla Calendar Projectabstractpresentationpdfavi Distribution of OpenOffice.orgabstractpdfavi Lotus Symphony extension modelabstractpresentationpdfavi Proposal: Regional Groupsabstractavi
15:00- 15:45 Migration to OpenOffice in Commercial Enterpriseabstract ODF@WWW - An ODF Wiki.abstractpresentationpdfavi NetBeans plug-in for OpenOffice.org - a look under the hoodabstractpresentationavi IBM Lotus Symphony: Worldwide IBM internal deployment Best Practicesabstractpresentationpdfavi
15:45- 16:15 Break
16:15- 17:00 OOo deployments by big companies and local governmentsabstractpresentationavi Woorknet - The OpenOffice Serverabstractavi Seamless UI integration of extensions into OpenOffice.orgabstractpresentationpdfavi A Vision for the Post-OOo 3.0 Timesabstractpresentationavi
17:15- 18:00 Symphony performance improvement best practices abstractpdfavi Integrating CMS /DMS into OpenOfficeabstractpresentationpdfavi Creating/Devising Specific OpenOffice.org Support for Dynamic Scripting Languageabstractpresentationpdfavi ESC achievements since Barcelona abstractpresentationpdfavi
18:15- 19:00 Community Council Question & Answer
19:00- 23:00 Free evening in Beijing’s bars and restaurants

Key: Community Developer Native Lang BoF ODF

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