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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15 Conference logo Conference (OOoCon 2007)

19th-21st.September 2007
Barcelona, Spain

Video recordings of the Conference

The Event

The Annual International Conference (OOoCon) is the premier event for anyone interested in or working with OOoCon is where representatives of all the community projects meet to celebrate and learn from the achievements of the past twelve months, and discuss how to meet the challenges of the next twelve. Come along and help the community make the world's best open-source international office suite even better.

This year, OOoCon and OASIS will jointly host the ODF Camp, a developer event focused on the OASIS OpenDocument Format. If you wish to participate, vist the ODF Camp page.

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The Location

Barcelona in Spain is one of the most dynamic and stylish cities in the world, with warm mediterranean weather, excellent food, and a wide variety of cultural and tourist attractions. It has excellent international travel connections with three airports. It's also a centre of excellence in, home to one of the oldest and most successful native language teams. Over seven years, this small band of enthusiasts have distributed over 2 million copies of in Catalan to the estimated 10 million Catalan speakers worldwide.

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The People

Every year, OOoCon receives great feedback from attendees. It's not just a unique opportunity to network with fellow enthusiasts, it's also a great social occasion. Come and meet the real people behind the email addresses and the IRC nicknames. Two years ago, in Koper/Capodistria we had "The Friendly Conference"; last year it was "The Glittering Conference" in Lyon. What will this year bring? Come along and find out!

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The Organisers

Universitat de Barcelona


Interested in attending?

If you are interested in attending, please subscribe to the conference attendees' mailing list by sending an empty message to

Interested in helping?

If you would like to help the conference organisers, please look on the Conference wiki.

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