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OOoCon 2006 Call for Location Proposals

Every year, the community gathers to exchange ideas and have fun at the international Conference (OOoCon). The conference gives those interested in, whether they are developers, marketers, business people, artists, or public sector representatives the opportunity to meet each other in a convivial environment. They can share ideas, tips, code, technology, business plans; drink beer, eat great food, and learn how the most important open source project in the world is changing things for the better.

Our Marketing Lead, Jacqueline McNally, announced a call for location for OOoCon 2006 last year. Two respondents, Sophie Gautier and Angelika Gößler, presented on behalf of their organizing teams proposals to hold the conference in either Lyon, France or Vienna, Austria.

These proposals have been summarized below.

Please vote for your favorite OOoCon 2006 location!
(The deadline is February 19, 2006!)

NOTE: in order to be able to vote you have to be a registered member of the website.

Where do you want the OOoCon to take place ?
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Location Proposal Details:

Lyon, France

Vienna, Austria

Key Question
Why is your location and the date you propose the best for OOoCon 2006?

Locating OooCon 2006 in France will give several advantages to the worldwide community, and Lyon is a particularly attractive town situated in the middle of our country (well approximately ;)

Our group has a large community of users and contributors, and is a strong member of the Native-Language Confederation. More than seven government ministries have now started their migration to, or plan to adopt it. Major departments such as the Direction Générale des Impôts (taxation), the National Gendarmerie, and the Ministry of Culture are using OOo and contributing to the community with documentation and tools. Many hospitals, schools and universities, and city councils are using OOo on a day to day basis!

While our community includes a large base of professionals, it also involves OOo specialists such as consultancies, developers or trainers who participate actively in the project. Outside the community, several organizations such as April, AfulAdullact, and Mutualibre are strong open-source software supporters, and promote our project through their activities. This creates opportunities for dialogue between different types of communities with different perspectives.

As for Lyon, it's a delightful town, a listed UNESCO World Heritage City, very modern and well equipped with all the necessary infrastructure for this kind of event (several universities, conference centres, special passes for transportation...). Lyon is not very far from Germany, so our Hamburg team will find it easy to attend, and also quite central in Europe for several countries. Please have an overview of Lyon by visiting this site or the city site, where you'll find information about Lyon's history, culture, and current events.

Lyon is also a well known place for gastronomy, what about spending an evening all together in a famous "Bouchon" ?

The conference will be organized in INSA, one of the top French engineering universities. INSA Lyon (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon), multidisciplinary and international, is at the heart of the European Higher Education Area. Accomodation (in rooms for 2 people) is available five minute's walk away.

The initial idea has come from the Viennese city management (IT -  MA14) who will have finished their rollout of 6000 workstations with in summer 2006. 

The Ministry of  Education has also started a big open source software drive giving a big boost to We think these provide some good examples of best practice which  would tie in well with the conference.

Location (country, city, conference center/university)

France, Lyon, INSA de Lyon  (site available in several languages)

Proposed Date(s)

11/12/13 September 2006

We recommend a conference during September since we could probably use university rooms.

Team Lead (main contact person)

Sophie Gautier

Tony Galmiche

Angelika Goeszler

Team Members (all members should be willing and able to commit at least 3 hours per day to planning the conference during the last two weeks before OOoCon 2005)

Core team of the FR project (about 10 people, more if needed) Angelika Goeszler
Harald Schilly
Verena Schroefl
Franz Lackinger
Franz Schauer
Verena Ruff
Peter Schroefl

The Community has got very good support from the  Government of Vienna. The MA 14 also have provided their support for  a conference located at Vienna.
Further support was promised from the German usergroup (Jaqueline  Rahemipour). We also expect help from Sun Austria and further  companies and universities/higher engineering schools.
The conference will be of public interest; we also expect participation from the Ministry of Education or its delgates.
We are already seeking public money (innovation funding/public interest). The request is still in progress, so at the moment we cannot say more about it.
Further on, we hope that the Viennese Mayor will give a small cocktail party.

Local events taking place in parallel (or right before/after)

Lyon InfoCité is willing to organize an event alonside our conference

Special visa or entry requirements, e.g. vaccinations

Visa for people outside the Schengen area (but not for all), no vaccinations.

Large local deployments (for user keynotes and success stories)

Ministry of Finance and Direction Générale des Impôts, Ministry of Equipement, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of National Education, representing more than 200 000 seats.

Hospitals :
Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace (300 seats/postes)
Centre Hospitalier de Roubaix (1000 seats/postes)
Centre Hospitalier de Bourg En Bresse (100 seats/postes)
Centre Hospitalier Charles Perrens (450 seats/postes)
Centre Hospitalier de Pontoise (20 seats (1000 postes pending))
Centre Hospitalier Philippe Pinel (400 seats/postes)
Centre Hospitalier Avranches/Granville (400 seats/postes)
CHU de Besanḉon (450 seats/postes)
Centre Hospitalier Henry Ey (300 seats/postes)

Plus many schools, city halls and companies are too numerous to be cited, please see some lists here :

Names of local developers (for developer sessions)

Eric Bachard, Laurent Godard, Bernard Marcelly, Alain Novak, Pierre-André Galmes, Cédric Bosdonnat, Eric Bishoff, Héléne Petit, Florent Mannens, Isabelle Hurbain.
We may also invite several developers from other communities like Mandriva, Mozilla, Debian...

Names of local vendors/partners (potential sponsors)

Travel costs (e.g. flight costs from the following cities: London, Paris, Rome, Beijing, Sydney, New York, Hamburg, Dublin, San Francisco, South Africa, Tokyo)

Example of prices :
  • Lyon - London/Heathrow 70 to 190 euro A/R, Easyjet or British Airways
  • Lyon - Rome 240 to 540 euro A/R
  • Lyon - Hamburg 270 euro A/R
  • Lyon - Dublin 250 440 euro A/R
  • Lyon - Prague 280 euro A/R
  • Paris - Lyon by TGV (High speed train 1h55) or flight is about 100 to 150 euro
(TGV as low as 20€ if you buy the ticket 3 weeks before the travelling date). Group tickets could be arranged if required.

Cheap travel and accomodation are possible. 

Vienna is an established detination for international travel, with one airport at the South of Vienna (trains need 20 minutes to the centre) and one airport at  Bratislava (bus price usually included with the ticket, 90 minutes bus drive to a central Viennese metro station). Both airports offer cheap tickets (Air Berlin, FlyNiki at Vienna, Ryan Air at Bratislava).
Vienna has many very cheap bus and train connections to Central and Eastern Europe.

Accommodation costs (youth hostel, hotel)

Lyons is well-used to hosting this kind of event and has many options such as:

We recommend holding the conference in September, so we can rent student apartments for those members of the  community who want to save money.

On the other hand there are a lot of business hotels (Accor, Mercure,  Best Western, Hilton,...) with 4*, 5* and Grand Hotel class for sponsors and special guests.
The only thing is that early booking is essential

Average meal costs

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